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The First Beginning: The Tale of Arbeidet

On skies of black, Yir Skoti waits
O’er the void taken too soon.
Through Skabein’s mourn and Gerjord’s fury,
Modifela’s tragic doom.

At Gerjord’s forge did Skabein watch
Sparks birth and fire sigh.
His brother’s sweat a riddle,
“What toil?” he asked why.

“Brother,” Gerjord said, before his name was,
“For to the fairest maiden of the fair,
I show my strength through this, which I name land.
Arbeidet is this, rock here, ocean there.”

A marvel true was Arbeidet
Of many more Gerjord gave name.
“This stone is mountain. This wood is tree.”
So many names facade none same.

Great shame thus shone in Skabein’s face,
For in heart he knew it true.
Modifela hath caught two pairs of eyes,
But for now her hand was due.

“The lady shall want my brother,”
Brooded Skabein o’er bowl of drink.
“Many names he bestows upon his crafts,
But no names have we to form link.”

Now Yir Skoti unseen did view from above
Brother shamed of no gift nor skill.
He plotted with brothers’ pride and shame.
Of chaos he should find his fill.

Skabein looked upon his bowl of drink,
And Yir Skoti watched up high.
On brew’s surface Skabein viewed Yir Skoti
And Skabein above cast eyes.

Nothing did await the brother,
Still was he without a name,
But appear again did Yir Skoti.
In the drink he thought to blame.

But true was Skabein’s sight that time
Viewing through reflection o’er head.
For Yir Skoti could not eye see.
And so unseen, he spread his dread.

“Hail, strong brother,” Yir Skoti proclaimed.
“Your vision doth not fail.
On high I come bearing news of glory and
gift to begin thy tale.”

Skabein scoffed at Yir Skoti’s bold decree,
“Of stones must thine mind be wrought!
Only through craft as grand as Arbeidet
Could the lady’s hand be bought.”

“Gerjord’s creation is in truth thus mighty and grand,
But true is Arbeidet not without
Flaw which I can aid you to heal,” boasted Yir Skoti.
“And the fair lady’s hand you may tout.”

“How thou can boast flaw in greatest of the great?
Then tell me thus this flaw you see.
Open my ears and mind to it as a task,”
Skabein said. “Show these things to me.”

Yir Skoti smiled with fanged grin,
And to the unnamed brother would say,
“Arbeidet is a grand shade.
Without a mind to give thanks and pray.”

“Create you shall from thy drink
A glorious gift, a form with arms, legs, and head.
Vessels who shall talk and sing.
Praise they will have for the lady,” Yir Skoti said.

Skabein’s face thus beamed, and cheered with a joy unknown.
“Your word is true and great, stranger up high.”
Yir Skoti began scheming with the evil thus done
And waited for weakness on the very sky.

Skabein thus set to work ’til sweat dripped from brow
On the first of the creatures to settle the land.
Skabein had great craft to show the lady soon
That he had wrought from drink with his own mighty hand.

“Brother,” Skabein said, before his name was beget,
“For the fairest maiden of the fair,
I show my strength through this, which I name them.
Mortalkin this is, man here, beast there.”

A marvel true was Mortalkin
Of many more Skabein gave name.
“This flesh is giant. This fur is bear.”
So many names facade none same.

The lady did thus come at that time
And both brothers presented their might.
A show of favor she could not make,
and so the brothers began to fight.

Long did they attest their mastery over other
’Til the lady thus replied,
“Names you have given all these things you show to me,
but what are yours?” she did pry.

Embarrassed were the brothers so great
No name had they between the two.
Modifela took pity and said,
“A name I will give both of you.”

“Gerjord you shall be, and a maker of earth you are,”
She said to brother first to show his make.
“Skabein shall you be, and creator of bone you are,”
And so Mortalkind she did also take.

With names thus given, and her decision not made
Modifela, no name for her own, did leave.
Upon returning to rest near waters her own,
Modifela saw above one who deceives.

Yir Skoti did appear in the face of the water.
He called out to dear Modifela with poison in tongue,
And set about her doom in the time not far removed
While the thought of deceit was still so cruel, foreign, and young.

“You take from brothers and give so little in return.
Are names truly all the lady fair doth grant?
Perhaps quarrels you do rejoice,” Yir Skoti provoked.
“If I speak lies, dear lady, I shall recant.”

“Heavy doth my heart sink when I do think of the brothers.
They quarrel and boast for nothing I am,” Modifela did confess.
“In truth I should only want to show them what I can be.
Tell me, one above I cannot see looking above, what you profess.”

Yir Skoti smirked his jagged grin, saying to the lady,
“Arbedeit and Mortalkind are surely not without flaw.
Look upon the mindless whelplings and dead ground in your hand.
Give spirit to land and soul to mortal to bring them law.”

Modifela did delight at the dark one’s counsel,
And so she did try to give spirit and soul.
Oh, Yir Skoti did conceal his devious, evil plot
How could Modifela grasp her task’s true toll?

Her power she poured into the mortals and land,
But the mortals grabbed out for more and more.
Want did drive them to steal all the lady’s power.
Such was the end of the lady we adore.

Yir Skoti did bound to complete the task.
He dripped vile poison in the hearts of men and land,
And all would have in their souls the poison.
All spirits were corrupted by his evil hand.

Gerjord and Skabein arrived in all due haste
Upon hearing the lady’s death call.
Yir Skoti retreated from soul and spirit.
Half poison would still lead to their fall.

Gerjord had fire in his heart,
And great rage did he carry.
Skabein was mournful in face,
And his eyes tears did ferry.

Yir Skoti did creep towards Gerjord’s great forge,
And he carried it off for deeds most foul.
“With anvil so strong and mind so cunning
I make fiends that on Arbeidet shall prowl.”

And so forge an army in skies above does Yir Skoti.
All lights at night are fires of his kin.
When stars fall, he sends to Mortalkind umbral skirmishers.
Soon the dark vanguard’s war wheels shall spin.

Arbeidet did sit near the body of Modifela,
And the brothers did thus grow cold to one another as snow.
With hateful hearts they left, and they visit the grave apart
To shed light between hidden Yir Skoti and the world below.

Gerjord’s eye blazes bright with fury as the sun.
Skabein’s eye and sorrow casts forth the moon.
Modifela is named mother by Arbeidet.
Yir Skoti forges his army of doom.


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