Aunnofrfell is located on the Hero’s Heath. It is north of the Sentinel Lord Mountains and Lake of the Wyrmson, east of Greenheart Thicket, and west of Thunderdrum Brake crossing the river called Son’s Blood. It is the largest city in the region, though Toglivik’s continued economic growth as a border town threatens to overtake this title. The city has been standing for one thousand years due to its reportedly magic granite buildings and stalwart defenders.

Aunnofrfell is home to roughly ten thousand people. It is a town forged from blood, bravery, and battle. Annskr are the most prevalent of the races to inhabit the City of Three Spires, though they are by no means alone. The laufir come from the surrounding woodlands to ply their wares as hunters, fur traders, and guides while their alfir cousins leave the comfort of Bringibyr to trade in their art, jewelry, and specialty goods. The city has become a hub for both skeramm and sketroda. The former have made the adjustment to city life while the later have taken to making Aunnofrfell their base of operations inbetween adventures or general wanderlust. The steinbar travel from the mountain homeland in Axirholm to trade in weapons, armor, tools, and drink while visiting the marvelous stonework of the Fornbur giants. The halsbar bring with them raw materials from their earthen homes in Gunnifell, and they have taken to the prospect of adventuring for treasures quite quickly as well.

Aunnofrfell is connected to the most developed transportation infrastructure in the region. This is understandable when a traveler considers the alternatives. If a traveler wishes to go east along the northern coast of the mainland, they must contend with the absurd notion of crossing the Darkholm or braving the brutal slopes of Eastwall. So, to go east, one must go south. Going south, a traveler cannot reasonably hope to travel past The Marble Wall on the east due to The Stygian Prison and The Ivory Wastes, and Thunderdrum Brake has its own dangers due to the giantkin and goblinkin. So, inevitably, the vast majority of trade and travel caravans must depend on the roadways near Aunnofrfell. The city has four main roads which run from it. The Sundered Way and Titan’s Path head northward through the two northern gates, and Nearwood Road and Two River Route, which run west and east respectively, lead out of the two southern gates.

Aunnofrfell’s unique, adventuring town society has laid low many of the dangers presented to it as they have arose. However, the unique origin of the city as the remains of a former mountain has led to some of its most pressing dangers. Catacombs and caverns run throughout the mountain ruins, and these tunnels run as deep and long as any mine shaft in Axirholm. Many oddities are found within these forgotten areas. Adventurers and the members of the Fourth Guild returning to the surface have reported all manner of monsters, and some have spoken of buried ruins and caverns housing entire cities. It is not uncommon for adventurers to find their fortunes and deaths under Old Aunnofrfell itself. The Triumvirate contain the most publicly known access to this underground world, but many more are scattered throughout the city.

The constant movement of trained adventurers through the area surrounding Aunnofrfell has culled the monster tribes around the city regularly. The giantkin and goblinkin of Thunderdrum Brake have been the most stubborn enemies to the region, and constant battles with the creatures have done little to dissuade aggression. Aunnofrfell is perhaps the city most vigilant for the coming of Yir Skoti’s minions. They have a keen understanding that any shooting star or meteor shower heralds the coming of great evils, and they are quick to dispatch en masse to any area reporting the dark god’s presence.


The city is dominated by several tall towers. The three tallest of these, known as The Triumvirate, are the headquarters of the three most prestigious and powerful adventurer guilds, the Adventurer’s Society, the Explorer’s Brigade, and The Company. The Triumvirate towers are made of single pieces of stone and are equally tall, 300 feet of gray, black, and white granite. A person viewing the surrounding area from the apex can see from the buildings of Vatebyr to Tuidithorp. So great is the view from this perch that the only things on the mainland rendered hidden to the guilds are due to the Ironspirit Mountains, the Sentinel Lord Mountains, The Marble Wall, the thick canopies of The Weald, and the distance between The Triumvirate and the noxious, dangerous swamp of Darkholm (a good thing in many people’s eyes).

The city has outgrown its original walls, and residents have begun expanding further into Hero’s Heath in cottages. The walls themselves are made of one solid mass of granite stone, much in the same fashion as the original towers of the town proper. The majority of citizens live their lives in apartments set up within the smaller towers or in stone housing that had been constructed with the spare stone from Old Aunnofrfell.

Government and Society

Aunnofrfell has always been a city controlled by the adventuring guilds, and the concept of a government is no exception. Governance of the city is shared by a council of several legendary adventurers. Nine representatives are elected to hold office from each of the three guilds. The election process differs from guild to guild.

Nine additional spots are held by prominent citizens. These citizens are elected by the governments in Vatebyr and Toglivik, and must be true citizens of Aunnofrfell. This body is typically made of retired or famous, unaffiliated adventurers, wealthy merchants, and wise sages. The governments of Toglivik and Vatebyr take the election process very seriously as it is a chance to have a voice in the issues being discussed in Aunnofrfell. The guild council members realize this, and are always vigilant to make certain that the representatives given to them are not political puppets (something that has resulted in dead council members and threats of war more than once).

The creation, interpretation, and enforcement of the law is unsurprisingly in the hands of the high council. The law is enforced typically by the so called “Fourth Guild”, a group of members from the three adventuring guilds that operate out of barracks around the city. These men come in two breeds. One pool of troops volunteers for service of the city rather than adventuring abroad. The other are those that are drafted into service by their guilds, usually as a result of poor performance, minor dishonorable conduct, or merely drawing ill favor with their superiors. Both groups are often chastised and mocked.

The Fourth are led by a person elected by them internally. This person is called the Grandfather, and he commands his men from the Seat of Berjelhrom. The label is much more than a title to be said when addressing their leader. Upon becoming the Grandfather (or Grandmother), a man loses his previous name. He is to be only addressed by his title, which is to be honored and respected. While he is not privy to the workings of the high council and holds no power over it directly, Grandfather’s opinion and statements are often heard in the guild meetings. His advice and favor is valued throughout all four groups at the council.

Though the Fourth Guild handles the day to day policing of Aunnofrfell, it is not uncommon for them to request aid or hire from the three adventuring guilds. The guilds also are first and foremost brothers in arms for Aunnofrfell, and should a threat arise to the city, they have and will instantly suspend their rivalries and feuds to gather into a powerful army for the city’s defense. The power of the combined guilds and the Fourth is not to be underestimated. The city has been to war with both the vile offspring of Yir Skoti and the children of Skabein, and they have yet to see defeat.

The money of Aunnofrfell is held primarily in the hands of the guilds if not in their vaults. While the rich merchant emporiums of Toglivik do operate in the city and nobles do exist, The City of Three Spires’s wealth often passes through at least three people’s hands in the course of a day. The buyer is always the first person. The buyer may take the money to an adventurer for his services, who in turn will take the money to a merchant or tavern after the job is done. If the buyer goes to a merchant or tavern, it is likely this money will be invested in the services of the guilds, if the merchant themselves is not connected to them. All money goes through the guilds.

The most money lies with the merchant houses, but their money is roughly equal to the combined wealth of the guilds (and The Triumvirate towers are priceless treasures in their own right). The vaults of the merchant emporiums are vast treasure hoards. These vaults provide revenue for the guilds in the form of protection for the buildings they are housed in. Banking agencies are run by these conglomerates for a consistent money flow. Most craftsmen that are not contracted with a particular merchant house are sheltered and sponsored by one of the three guilds. Independent craftsmen in Aunnofrfell do exist, but they are often bought out by bigger outfits in order to maintain pricing.

The poor of Aunnofrfell are an oddity. Poverty exists in a very different form in Aunnofrfell. The guild provides employment for any who would join their ranks. Requests for membership are often tempered and thinned out by the inherent dangers of the guild lifestyle. Those who would join as a craftsman require their own tools, a costly investment. Apprenticeship is hard in the guild, and while the skills learned in such ventures are well taught, they lead to an impoverished life while in training. So the poor of The City of Three Spires tend to come from the ranks of the lazy, the cowardly, the disenfranchised, and the unaffiliated injured (the guilds take care of their own). As such, they are treated with the opportunity for work, but there is little pity in most people’s hearts for them. The desire to stay out of the guilds and lack of skills and money lead some inhabitants to crime.

So what does one do with the money the make on the road, in shop, or on the street? Hitting the local mead hall, tavern, or bar of course! The town of Aunnofrfell is well known for its drinking establishments. These places, from long halls to small hovels, are full of people at all hours of the day singing boisterous songs, starting friendly barfights, telling stories of their greatest adventures and swapping information about clients. Song is constantly in the streets of Aunnofrfell due to these places. Most of these places are open to the public, but some drinking holes are known to find their patronage from one of the three guilds in particular, such as The Final Adventure Inn for the Adventurer’s Society.

Religion and Magic

Aunnofrfell is a city boasting the power of the divine and the arcane. The power of the gods and the reverence for a person’s ancestors are praised throughout the city. Few temples dot the town, but it is quite common to see statuaries devoted to The Primal Gods, The Great Spirits, and The Caretakers of Skabein’s children. Often, the disciples of these gods find their housing among the guilds or among the Fourth, both of whom maintain private shrines to the gods and valiant heroes of their orders.

More common are the communal crypts maintained by the citizens. Inside these places are statues and cairns erected to the memory of the fallen, and it is said that communing with one’s dead ancestors is common practice in these crypts. The devotion to ancestor worship leads to odd happenings in Aunnofrfell. On nights of a new moon, a great chorus of chanting can be heard throughout the town, and the sky glows with rows of floating apparitions in song. This chant is thought to be the protection of the ancestors from the evils of Yir Skoti when Skabein does not watch Arbeidet at night through the moon. During eclipses, the spirits congregate to blow vast battle horns, and this often brings ill omens and events to the City of Three Spires.

Magic is given much more acceptance in Aunnofrfell than in other areas of Arbeidet. While most consider the arcane arts the work of the dishonest, the dishonorable, the weak, and the tricksters, the City of Three Spires recognizes the power the magic arts hold. Many wizards have risen to great prestige and honor among the guilds, and although the commonfolk are still distrusting of the “cowardly arts”, they respect and appreciate the good they are capable of achieving. Trust is not given openly for the shapers of magic, but it is not actively avoided either, such as in Axirholm or Vatebyr.

The study of magic is closely monitored internally by the guilds and the Fourth. Lower ranked guild member wizards are overseen by officers of the guild trained in the arcane arts. Wizards in these positions have been greatly tested in their devotion to the guild, and it is rare (but not without precedent) for one to be corrupted by their power. Wizards not associated with a guild are required licensing, and continual unlicensed sorcery is considered a major offense in the city.


The Tribes of Aunnofrfell and the Fornbur

It is said that Aunnofrfell was founded around the base of a cloud piercing mountain of the same name. Before the city was formed, tribes of hardy explorers, honorable warriors, and wise shaman circled the mountain’s circumference. As tribes expanded and splintered, they began to colonize their way up the mountain, as the land around Aunnofrfell was wrought with great dangers. Trade was maintained between these mountainside settlements by a system of rope bridges and short tunnels through the mountain.

Expansion continued higher and higher. In time, this caught the attention of the Fornbur, a tribe of ancient storm and cloud giants beloved by Gerjord and Skabein. Their home lie in the cloudy peaks of Aunnofrfell, and over time the Fornbur foresaw the lesser races’ expansion into their lands. Already they had seen the warring between tribesman over lands, and conflict would be inevitable with the giants.

The Challenge

The Fornbur began to quarrel over the proper response to the expansion on Aunnofrfell. Though the mountain had barely been scaled in many generations of the lesser races, it was important to address the issue before the tribesman garnered the power to rival the giants. One group wished to see the lesser beings cast down from their homeland. The other had no illusions about the tribes maintaining a lasting peace, but they resolved to work on a compromise with the lesser races. They would use the great magic and power granted to them to sunder the mountain and raise it skyward, above the very clouds.

It was decided by the Sky Blessed Sages that the giants would settle the dispute in the old ways of Arbeidet. Couriers rode down from the sky upon great eagles, the Rocs. They brought with them the proclamation of the Fornbur. A challenge was presented to the leaders of tribes of Aunnofrfell. In three years, the nine greatest champions of the tribes would meet the nine greatest Fornbur champions that sought to cast the tribes from the mountain. The humans accepted the challenge, for they were full of pride. If the Fornbur defeated the tribes, the tribes would leave or be destroyed by the might of the giants. If the tribes defeated the giants, they agreed to sunder the mountain and leave the tribes to the remains of Aunnofrfell.

The Champions Build Their Legends

Now many things did happen in that time between the proclamation and the challenge between the tribes of Aunnofrfell and the Fornbur, but those are legends for another time and place. For this tale, only a few are named and spoken of, for their tales are long and far spreading. The tribes had elected their nine champions. However, one such man, Adalbert was in the twilight of his life. He lay ill and dying upon receiving his appointment to the challenge. When word of the challenge reached the ears of his son, Adalson, he ventured off as a young man into the wilds of Arbeidet.

Meanwhile, at the peak of Aunnofrfell, Berjelhrom boasted, feasted, and battled among his brethren. Berjelhrom was the mightiest champion of the Fornbur that had wished to cast the tribes from the mountain. His face was more monster than giant in appearance, and such was his size and might that it had been said he was the very child of Gavarnyr the Sky Splitter. Though he could strike with the speed and power of lightning, he was equally proud, and this was to be key in the battle to come. As the battle approached, he slew one of the cloud giants of the tribe in his brutal training regimen. The giant’s sister would seduce and deceive Berjelhrom and, under the counsel of Adinhelm, offered him a weapon forged with an imperfection. She would go on to offer him drink throughout the nights, affording him no rest for the challenge to come. Berjelhrom departed with the other eight champions of the Fornbur, unknowing of the weakness of his weapon, and he could see no betrayal afoot.

The Champions Fall to the Might of Berjelhrom

On the day of the challenge, the nine champions of the tribes looked with awe upon the nine towering giants of the Fornbur. One by one, the champions paired off to fight one another. Try as they might, the champions of the tribes could not defeat the giant warriors. Their weapons and armor were too fine. Their bodies were too powerful. Their fury was unquenchable. Upon securing their victory over fallen men, magic was used upon the champions so they may live, as they were honorable warriors all. When at last it was time for Adalbert to fight, he was drawn to fight Berjelhrom.

The elder champion collapsed on his approach to fight the mighty beast-giant, and it was discovered he had passed from his age and illnesses of time. This infuriated Berjelhrom, and the mightiest of the storm giants bellowed in anger for being robbed of battle after three years of training. Such was Berjelhrom’s impatience that three years was enough to insight such fury despite the centuries he had seen pass. The other storm giants declared their victory, but Berjelhrom remained in such fiery blood that he issued a new challenge.

If the remaining champions could defeat him in combat, he would spare their lives. If they failed, he would slay the lesser creatures, and he would cast the bones into his stomach so no nature burials, nor cairns. nor funeral pyres could be built to honor their death. Now the Fornbur were an honorable people, and they became shocked and disgusted with the actions of the still drunk and sleepless Berjelhrom. They tried to restrain the beast-giant, and the great blue warrior tossed and smashed them about until they yielded. The eight champions of the tribes tried in unison to defeat the rampaging storm giant as well, but they too fell before his crashing strikes.

A Son Returns

Berjelhrom moved to snatch up the body of Adalbert first. However, another fur cloak flew upon the breeze climbing the slopes. The newcomer reached the battle area, and he addressed the mighty beast-giant. He declared himself Adalson, son of Adalbert, and he would be the ninth champion of the tribes of men. Berjelhrom moved to smother the new insect of the tribes, but Adalson stopped him. He demanded new conditions should he be victorious against the giant, as he had not been present when Berjelhrom’s challenge was presented.

Berjelhrom snorted and balked at the boy turned travel hardened man. Adalson demanded that should he be victorious, the Fornbur would sunder the mountain as they had promised, but Berjelhrom and the eight champions of the giants would stay behind to help the tribes form a new home from the ruins of the mountain. Berjelhrom laughed so soundly that snow and ice cascaded down the peaks of Aunnofrfell. He accepted the wager, and he prepared to beset the son of the champion.

Let it be recorded that Adalson was no normal warrior traveling home to his father after becoming a man. During the three years since he left, he had traveled and trained across the whole of Arbeidet. From the ancient steinbar of Axirholm and the eldest alfir of Bringibyr to the tribes of humans that settled the land, Adalson had brought knowledge of combat. From the forges of the Jarnangi of The Obsidian Crown he brought his armor. His shield was forged and tempered with the breath of dragons. He brought his cunning from the black muck of Darkholm, and his resolve he earned on the pilgrimage of the Thousand Hailstone Reef. His bravery and honor, those came from his heart.

One last thing did Adalson bring. The great god of the storm and cloud giants, the leader of the Sky Blessed Sages, Adinhelm, himself gave the son of Adalbert a mighty spear wrought of divine lightning. Adinhelm did bring this to the new champion of the tribes as he scaled the mountain to meet this challenge, and he also told him to use his mighty warhammer upon the weapon of Berjelhrom (for it was he who had counseled the sister cloud giant to give Berjelhrom the weakened weapon).

As the mighty weapon of Berjelhrom came crashing down, Adalson resounded the mighty, thunder deafening mallet upon the metal, crashing the tool of death as waves crash upon a rocky shore. As the seamist carries off into the breeze, so did the false weapon of Berjelhrom, and before he could recover to draw his old weapon, Adalson let loose the spear of Adinhelm. The thing flew faster than the eye blinks, and surely enough, Berjelhrom was cast southward towards the mountains far away. He landed with a crash that shook and collapsed in much dirt and rock, forming the Lake of the Wyrmson. He skipped off the ground and continued to crash into the Sentinel Lord Mountains, where a clearing in the rock still remains today.

An Honorable Victory

Berjelhrom awoke some days later, and the once proud giant crawled his way up the slopes of Aunnofrfell to meet Adalson, whom had been treating the wounded champions and performing burial rites for his father. Berjelhrom was forced to accept defeat, honoring the greater warrior, with no one to blame but himself for his failings. It was then the Adinhelm came down from the clouds above. Berjelhrom and the other champions would indeed assist the tribes in creating a new home for all those living the slopes of Aunnofrfell, and the rest of the Fornbur would indeed retreat with the mountain into the sky. The great god then proclaimed that the Fornbur and the tribes should be not enemies, for the storm giants were old and wise, and much could be learned from them. It was on that day that the Fornbur and the tribes of Aunnofrfell forged an alliance that would shape the tribes into a single people.

The mountain sundered cleanly about the champions, and water cascaded from the mountain ridges. The Fornbur would take the vastly greater portion of the cloud piercing mountain over the crater in the dirt to the south of Aunnofrfell. The water fell from above, and over time, it would fill what would become the Lake of the Wyrmson. So it is that the Lake of the Wyrmson is always beset by rain, as the new home of the Fornbur, Fornburheim, lies above the clouds, and its mountain streams forever pour below.

The Repentance of Berjelhrom

Despite his pride and boastful ways, Berjelhrom was a loyal, powerful, and honorable giant. He and the other giants befriended the people of Aunnofrfell, and it was with their help the tribes were united under Adalson and the other eight champions. A home was still needed for the people of the sundered mountain, and Berjelhrom set about a truly grand display of the Fornbur’s good will towards his former enemies.

He and the other giants would craft the granite of Aunnofrfell. They chiseled the fine, hard stone and cast great towers from single pieces of stone which sprouted from the earth. They then showed the people of Aunnofrfell how to make tools to cut the stone as they desired. Aunnofrfell was thus cast from the very stone of the mountain bearing its name. Included in the construction were three great, tall towers that would become the guild houses for the Adventurer’s Society, the Explorer’s Brigade, and the The Company. No man was sure why the towers were first built, but they were of great importance and pride to Berjelhrom. He would reveal his reasons for their construction, but that is another tale.

The Void of Adalson’s Passing

All things must come to an end, and in time, Adalson would fall to the rigors of age. One by one, the leaders of the tribes would die off. Strings of rulers would come into power through blood, and the deeds of the powerful were few. As corruption spread, the people grew less fond of the bonds of blood. The people of Aunnofrfell rebelled, and there was great distrust between the clans and their leaders. Berjelhrom watched the lesser Mortalkind bicker, and as time passed, he became disgusted with the people he and his kin had labored so hard to guide, protect, and foster goodwill with.

With thunder in his throat and lightning in his teeth, he demanded to see the leaders of the tribes. Now in these times, there stood a great statue of Adalson in the middle of the town, overshadowed by what would become The Triumvirate. The beast-giant called the leaders to this statue, and he did address his grievances. The leaders of Aunnofrfell were weak he argued, weak of arm, weak of mind, weak of heart, and weak of honor. Where were those who could stand in the mere presence of Adalson? Whom had the bravery of Adalbert to face the challenge of the Fornbur despite his illness? The people hung their heads in shame, for they knew it to be true, and the leaders cowered, fearing the wrath the beast-giant may bring upon them.

Berjelhrom’s Challenge

Furious at the successors to his honored rival and later friend, Berjelhrom broke the spear from the hand of the statue of Adalson. He brought the spear to his maw and chomped down upon the stone. He spat the piece in his mouth to the horizon, into the swamps of Darkholm. He cast the spear head in his right hand off to the west, past the Ironspirit Mountains, to lay among the icebergs of the Thousand Hailstone Reef. The last piece in his left, he threw east into the Obsidian Crown. The people were in shock of this action, and the leaders, afraid but outraged, demanded words of purpose from the champion of the Fornbur.

Berjelhrom answered plainly, declaring the leaders of the tribes unworthy of their charge. He then gathered up the evil and cowardly men, and cast them into his stomach. The people cheered rather than cried in horror, for they had seen the truth to their benefactor’s claims. Berjelhrom knew that the lesser races could not live by their own accord at this time, and so he issued a challenge. The great storm giant called the tribes to adventure, to the great quest, to the hero’s journey. Nine Mortalkind stepped forth to answer the call. Berjelhrom tasked them with finding the three pieces of Adalson’s spear. He told them to experience that which had driven their ancestor to greatness, and if they returned with the pieces, they would once more rule their people.

Afi the First

A tenth rushed to the forefront of the crowd at that time, a young boy named Afi. While Afi was courageous to offer his life to the cause, Berjelhrom could not task him on this dangerous journey. He did admire the boy with more heart than the former leaders of the tribes though, and he would have the boy be put on a path of greatness himself. Berjelhrom told the people of Aunnofrfell that he would lead the tribes until their champions returned, and his rule would be just and fair. As he led, Afi took a place as his herald and steward, watching the great giant rule over his people.

The Spirit of Adventure

The nine adventurers split into three groups of three to seek the three pieces of the spear. Their stories are numerous and their trials daunting, but they are to be recanted at a different time. The three groups indeed succeeded, and when they arrived to meet the storm giant ruler at his newly crafted Seat of Berjelhrom, the beast-giant asked them what they had learned of their travels.

The first group, whom had traveled to the monster lairs of the Obsidian Crown, had claimed that the true spirit of Adalson lay in his discovery of powerful aid to help his cause. Berjelhrom nodded, accepted the shard of the spear, and awaited the next group. This second group, whom had traveled the dangerous and unknown swamps of Darkholm, had pronounced the true spirit of Adalson was to be found in the exploration of the unknown. Berjelhrom nodded once more, accepted the second shard of the spear, and awaited the last trio. The last group, who ventured the Thousand Hailstone Reef, spoke that the true spirit of Adalson was revealed to them in the adventure itself, the quest for honor, glory, fame, friendship, redemption, and trails overcome. Berjelhrom nodded once again, accepted the last piece, and placed all three before Afi.

Berjelhrom asked Afi, who in the time of the great adventure had become a man, which piece weighed greatest. The great spear was huge, and the pieces had needed the might of all three of their pursuers to carry them to the town. Afi answered that he could not lift the stones, but he believed them all to be equal. Berjelhrom smiled then, and he spoke to the people. Who among the tribes but Adalson could know how he had weighed the influences on his life’s quest to oppose the Fornbur? Three groups had left on quests, and all three believed that they had seen the true heart of Adalson’s adventure. Berjelhrom asked Afi which of the three champions spoke the truth of Adalson’s struggle, and the boy replied that all were true and equal as the pieces they carried.

Berjelhrom laughed in approval of the young man’s assessment. This boy of few years had more firmly grasped what it was to be heroic, to be a champion, to be an adventurer, than any of the nine seekers of the spear. Berjelhrom relinquished control of the city to Afi, and asked what he would have done. Afi, a boy of few years, had still seen the tyrannical nature of men. One could not lead with a just hand. He decreed that the three tallest towers of Aunnofrfell should be controlled by each of the three groups of adventurers.

The Rise of the Guilds

These three groups would become the guilds, The Company holding that the true heart of adventure lie in the treasures of the quest, the Explorer’s Brigade keeping sacred the heart of adventure that lie in venturing into the unknown, and the Adventurer Society that held honor, glory, and trial in the highest regard. Each was assigned a tower to rule. Thus, The Triumvirate was born, and Afi declared that all three should work together to forge a future for not just Aunnofrfell but all of Arbeidet. In time, the foreign elected representatives would find their place in the council based on this desire of Afi to spread goodwill between nations.

The last declaration Afi made before relinquishing his power to the guilds was to open membership to the guilds for all Mortalkind with the heart of adventure beating in their chest. He had seen the ties of blood corrupt the leaders of Aunnofrfell and make them weak, as Berjelhrom had said. It was his desire to make the soul of adventuring and a share of power available to everyone, and through this adventuring, Aunnofrfell should always remain pure and strong.

The First Grandfather

The nine did approve of this ruling, for they saw the wisdom of the young man. With his power forfeited for the greater good, the new leaders of the guilds decided to honor Afi. They appointed him dominion over the lost adventurers of the guilds. He would lead those who had lost their way with the guilds, and he would balance the actions of the guilds against the spirit of Adalson’s journey. Afi thus became the first Grandfather.

Quick Notes

Population: 10,000

Size: Approximately 6 square miles

Dominant Races: 4000 Human, 2000 Halfling, 2000 Elf, 1000 Dwarf

Imports: Precious Stone, Axirholm Spirits and Ale, Bringibyr Gold, and Leather
Exports: Lumber, Granite, Metal Tools and Parts, Weapons, Silver, Salt, Mead, and Porter
Famous: Adventuring Guilds, Towers, Architecture, Ancient Undercity Complexes, and Skywalks
Infamous: Loud, Tunnels, Sewers, Unruly Adventurers, and Public Challenges
Coins: Platinum Adals, Gold Fists, Electrum Afis, Silver Towers, Copper Spears

Points of Interest

Civilian Quarter

Hospitality District

Noble Quarter

Merchant Quarter


The Final Adventure Inn

The Slums

Town Square

The Triumvirate


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