General Setting

Culturally, Arbeidet is a mix of Scandinavian myth, Shinto kami concepts, and is rich with ancestral worship. It is a place of wonderment in nature and the thrill of the journey. Glory and honor are the tasks of the day, and great power and personal deeds of courage, bravery, and wit are the fastest ways to those goals.

The area west of The Obsidian Crown and north of Toglivik is roughly 1600 square miles in size, close to the size of Rhode Island. The terrain includes towering mountains, rolling hills, windswept plains, rocky flatlands, ice covered wastelands, dense forests, and putrid swamps. On clear, level ground, a person can see close to three miles to the horizon, but oftentimes, the horizon is dominated by a mountain range or city skyline. The largest city of Arbeidet is Aunnofrfell. It is home to ten thousand people, and only Vatebyr and Toglivik come anywhere close to its populace in numbers.


Days on Arbeidet consist of 24 hours. Five days compose the week: Firstday, Smithsday, Makersday, Brewerstithe, and Endsweek. Five weeks make up each month. Ten months make up the year on Arbeidet: New Meadow and Maidenview for spring, Hearthwalk and Fulltree for summer, Crossroad for the transition from summer into the fall months of New Harvest and Late Harvest, Numbhand and Rimebreath for winter, and lastly xxx leading from winter back into spring.

Day and Night Cycle

Arbeidet is a planet bathed often in light. At day, the yellow eye of Gerjord covers the land in bright sunlight cast on a blue sky. At night, the platinum eye of Skabein turns the sky an overcast gray, and glittering stars cast a diamond sheen on the silver sky. It is simple enough to see on most nights without any aid, and many refer to a cloudy or stormy day as a “Long Night”.

This is not the case on new moons, which occur every 22 days. On these days, the night sky is dark and lit only by the stars. These nights are ill omens, and remind the people of Arbeidet that Yir Skoti’s army awaits their chance to plunder the world below. The same hysteria grips the land on the event of an eclipse. More so, in fact, since it is on these occasions that the minions of Yir Skoti have always fell to Arbeidet, and death follows in their wake.


Magic is omnipresent in all things, particularly in the realms of spirits. Though this is a truth, it is also true that very few creatures are able to study and control this magic through personal diligence. While many creatures have a natural inclination for magic due to this energy being fundamental to their very nature and existence, it is a very different matter to conjure magic from a book or from a deity. Divine magic is given freely, but devotion to the gods must be paramount for this relationship to occur. Arcane magic is a harshly guarded secret, and its position as a more dangerous form of magic makes many of its practitioners short lived.

This lack of true magical disciples leads inevitably to a severe lack of magically enchanted personal items. This is not to say magic is absent from the lives of men, but the power of its few masters is carefully harnessed. Magic courses through the stone and corridors of many a structure from either the spirits of the building material or a granted power given to those assisting in the greater goals of a populace. Towers of enchanted stone shoot skyward. Magic crypts unleash torrents of necrotic magic. Massive communal kilns and forges are stoked with the flame producing organs of dragons.

With magic of Mortalkind being stretched so thin, it often falls on the greater races, giants, dragons, and the like, to craft the weapons and armor found in legend. Oftentimes, as in the case of Aunnofrfell, these races are behind the truly astounding feats of magical architecture. The most mighty magical treasures of the lesser races are poor shadows of the masterful artifacts the greater races create. The steinbar of Axirholm may forge the greatest plate armor in the whole of Hero’s Heath, but their work is easily bested by the jarnangi of The Obsidian Crown. The jarnagi, in turn, can only look in amazement at the creations of the Fornbur storm giants.


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