Occult Accident
Cleaning Up the Slums

Video Playlist

- Ackleas, Kazehnt Noorsfield, and Larry Battlebeard hear about a contract through the Fourth Guild to investigate some murders occurring in the western slums of Aunnofrfell.

- Sergeant Silvano explained the contract to the three outside The Final Adventure. A new gang was suspected as the cause of the murders.

- The PCs consulted Derrog Foamstout about the contract. The old adventurer mentioned that either the victims were in on some underworld operation, or they had seen something they shouldn’t have.

- The PCs failed to negotiate for more money for the contract.

- The men set out to find a bridge underpass in the western slums to make contact with the criminal underworld.

- The Society members save Cath the Informant from some thugs associated with a new gang, The Apothecaries.

-The Apothecaries have been buying up, raiding caravans, and laundering mule leaves. They are given orders by a higher up in the organization known as “The Pup”.

- The PC’s gathered little information from the captured gang members. Larry killed one who wouldn’t answer his questions. It seems The Apothecaries keep information very hidden from each other to prevent informants.

- The PC’s track down a lead given by one of the gang members, “DT”, which stands for Duncan’s Traders. After some looking they found the warehouse in the southwestern slums.

- The PCs tried to talk their way into the warehouse but failed. They fought off the workers in the warehouse.

- Goblins were discovered in the warehouse proper. Larry left after the battle to track down The Fourth for support.

-A hobgoblin ambushed the remaining two Society members when they investigated the front area of the warehouse. On killing him, they discovered he was an agent of a goblin leader hailing from Old Aunnofrfell, Lo’gra Bim.

- A further search of the grounds gave no new dangers. A desk in the foreman’s office contained a ledger showing some sort of transaction history between a DT, The Pup, and Lo’gra Bim.

- The players brought this evidence to Silvano and he paid them for their services.


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