Champion of the Fornbur


Berjelhrom has an appearance most peculiar for a storm giant. He is markedly larger than most of his kin, with muscles that bulge, hard as Aunnofrfell granite. His skin is blue as the sky on clear days, and his hair is the color of clouds bearing rain in their wake. His upper body lurches forward, and his head protrudes forward from his body. His hands are clawed. His mouth is filled with teeth like a shark’s.

Perhaps most distinctive are the features of his head and face. His maw reaches forward like a great lizard, and his throat bulges like a frog in full song. His thick, grey beard hangs low on his body, and small arcs of lightning can be seen coursing through his brow and beard. His hair hangs in sheets, each strand the size of a dragon scale. His eyes catch the light as a diamond does, and change color depending on the light.

His warcry is booming thunder.

His anger incites lightning hurled with his yelling.

His speed is animal, as is his predatory cunning.


Champion of the Fornbur

After the challenge to the old tribes of Aunnofrfell, Berjelhrom spent his time at the peak of Aunnofrfell boasting, feasting, and battling among his brethren. Berjelhrom was the mightiest champion of the Fornbur that had wished to cast the tribes from the mountain. His face was more monster than giant in appearance, and such was his size and might that it had been said he was the very child of Gavarnyr the Sky Splitter. Though he could strike with the speed and power of lightning, he was equally proud, and this was to be key in the battle to come. As the battle approached, he slew one of the cloud giants of the tribe in his brutal training regimen. The giant’s sister would seduce and deceive Berjelhrom and, under the counsel of Adinhelm, offered him a weapon forged with an imperfection. She would go on to offer him drink throughout the nights, affording him no rest for the challenge to come. Berjelhrom departed with the other eight champions of the Fornbur, unknowing of the weakness of his weapon, and he could see no betrayal afoot.

The Champions Fall to the Might of Berjelhrom

On the day of the challenge, the nine champions of the tribes looked with awe upon the nine towering giants of the Fornbur. One by one, the champions paired off to fight one another. Try as they might, the champions of the tribes could not defeat the giant warriors. Their weapons and armor were too fine. Their bodies were too powerful. Their fury was unquenchable. Upon securing their victory over fallen men, magic was used upon the champions so they may live, as they were honorable warriors all. When at last it was time for Adalbert to fight, he was drawn to fight Berjelhrom.

The elder champion collapsed on his approach to fight the mighty beast-giant, and it was discovered he had passed from his age and illnesses of time. This infuriated Berjelhrom, and the mightiest of the storm giants bellowed in anger for being robbed of battle after three years of training. Such was Berjelhrom’s impatience that three years was enough to insight such fury despite the centuries he had seen pass. The other storm giants declared their victory, but Berjelhrom remained in such fiery blood that he issued a new challenge.

If the remaining champions could defeat him in combat, he would spare their lives. If they failed, he would slay the lesser creatures, and he would cast the bones into his stomach so no nature burials, nor cairns. nor funeral pyres could be built to honor their death. Now the Fornbur were an honorable people, and they became shocked and disgusted with the actions of the still drunk and sleepless Berjelhrom. They tried to restrain the beast-giant, and the great blue warrior tossed and smashed them about until they yielded. The eight champions of the tribes tried in unison to defeat the rampaging storm giant as well, but they too fell before his crashing strikes.

A Son Returns

Berjelhrom moved to snatch up the body of Adalbert first. However, another fur cloak flew upon the breeze climbing the slopes. The newcomer reached the battle area, and he addressed the mighty beast-giant. He declared himself Adalson, son of Adalbert, and he would be the ninth champion of the tribes of men. Berjelhrom moved to smother the new insect of the tribes, but Adalson stopped him. He demanded new conditions should he be victorious against the giant, as he had not been present when Berjelhrom’s challenge was presented.

Berjelhrom snorted and balked at the boy turned travel hardened man. Adalson demanded that should he be victorious, the Fornbur would sunder the mountain as they had promised, but Berjelhrom and the eight champions of the giants would stay behind to help the tribes form a new home from the ruins of the mountain. Berjelhrom laughed so soundly that snow and ice cascaded down the peaks of Aunnofrfell. He accepted the wager, and he prepared to beset the son of the champion.

As the mighty weapon of Berjelhrom came crashing down, Adalson resounded his mighty, thunder deafening mallet upon the metal, crashing the tool of death at waves crash upon a rocky shore. As the seamist carries off into the breeze, so did the false weapon of Berjelhrom, and before he could recover to draw his old weapon, Adalson let loose the spear of Adinhelm. The thing flew faster than the eye blinks, and surely enough, Berjelhrom was cast southward towards the mountains far away. He landed with a crash that shook and collapsed in much dirt and rock, forming the LAKE. He skipped off the ground and continued to crash into the S MOUNTAINS, where a clearing in the rock still remains today.

An Honorable Victory

Berjelhrom awoke some days later, and the once proud giant crawled his way up the slopes of Aunnofrfell to meet Adalson, whom had been treating the wounded champions and performing burial rites for his father. Berjelhrom was forced to accept defeat, honoring the greater warrior, with no one to blame but himself for his failings. It was then the Adinhelm came down from the clouds above. Berjelhrom and the other champions would indeed assist the tribes in creating a new home for all those living the slopes of Aunnofrfell, and the rest of the Fornbur would indeed retreat with the mountain into the sky. The great god then proclaimed that the Fornbur and the tribes should be not enemies, for the storm giants were old and wise, and much could be learned from them. It was on that day that the Fornbur and the tribes of Aunnofrfell forged an alliance that would shape the tribes into a single people.

The Repentance of Berjelhrom

Despite his pride and boastful ways, Berjelhrom was a loyal, powerful, and honorable giant. He and the other giants befriended the people of Aunnofrfell, and it was with their help the tribes were united under Adalson and the other eight champions. A home was still needed for the people of the sundered mountain, and Berjelhrom set about a truly grand display of the Fornbur’s good will towards his former enemies.

He and the other giants would craft the granite of Aunnofrfell. they chiseled the fine, hard stone, cast great towers from single pieces of stone which went into the earth. They then showed the people of Aunnofrfell how to make tools to cut the stone as they desired. Aunnofrfell was thus cast from the very stone of the mountain bearing its name. Included in the construction were three great, tall towers that would become the guild houses for the Adventurer’s Society, the Explorer’s Brigade, and the The Company. No man was sure why the towers were first built, but they were of great importance and pride to Berjelhrom. He would reveal his reasons for their construction, but that is another tale.


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